• Any adjustments with your Order Amount due to changes in Quantity delivered, or on Cancellation are adjusted with your next order. 
  • Any excess procurement at the time of delivery will be subject to availability of fuel and at management’s discretion. 
  • If you wish to cancel an order, please send an email tosales@fuelit.co.inalong with your registered Email ID/registered Phone Number and the details of the beneficiary bank account/UPI handle. 
  • On verification, the amount will be refunded to the beneficiary account within 3-4 working days.

Download the Fuel It Express mobile app or register yourself on our website or call us on 9000800720, by providing some basic information about yourself, location of service, and quantity of fuel you require. Thus, we ensure the fuel delivery to your desired location.

You have the option of paying using a cheque, NEFT, POS machine, RTGS, or cash on delivery. 

Diesel is delivered 24/7, round the clock.

Doorstep delivery of fuel like diesel/petrol is safe. It is very similar to fuelling at a fuel station. The only difference being, instead of you coming to the fuel station, we bring the mobile fuel station to you, complying with all PESO rules and regulations.

Fuel It Express sources fuel from Oil Marketing Company (OMC) Terminals and authorized dealers of oil companies near your location. We follow a strict quality assurance program that ensures every drop of fuel is checked for quality, before it gets loaded into our Refuellers for delivery. We do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery. Fuel is sourced only upon receiving orders from customers.

Fuel It Express is an online platform which provides doorstep delivery of fuel in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. You can place your order online and get fuel delivered at your location in specialized Refuellers (Express Tankers) according to your chosen schedule. Thus, making refuelling smarter and easier.