Express Cans

Whether storing fuel for your power equipment or emergency preparedness, having the best storage can for you on hand helps.

A high-quality a can make filling your machinery or generator easy, in addition to providing a safe, leak-proof container for storage or transporting. With so many options available, it can be a challenge to choose the best gas can. It’s important to find one that is easy to fill and pour, but also safe and durable.


Best safety features in the market

Monitor your real-time diesel consumption on your sites through our dashboard and customized reports

Pour sprout for easy transfer

Portable and can be relocated easily on customer premises

Capacity of 20 Liter

Store as low as units of 20 Lts for Emergencies

Durable Material

Sturdy materials and lock helps keep the fuel secure. This helps to avoid pilferage or adulteration.

Fill it to ‘Fuel It’.

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