Adblue – Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

India has a unique challenge of the availability of uninterrupted power supply. This forces over 20 million residential & commercial complexes to operate on backup generators. For refueling, users carry jerry cans or barrels to procure diesel from fuel stations and transport it unsafely to sites where generators are installed. Additionally, they stock up and store diesel for future use to avoid the hassle of frequent purchase and transporting the fuel, which is unsafe.


A Transparent Pricing Model

Invoiced at a competitive and fair price, real-time energy delivery and cost reporting.

Safe Fuelling

Thousands of weekly routes, hundreds of drivers, safety is paramount.

Fuel Insights Dashboard

Smarter, faster decisions are right at your fingertips with Booster Insights.

Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

Your labour power and revenue may increase, reducing vehicle needs

Improving Route Capacity

Get the most out of every route, every vehicle, and every customer

Enhancing Customer Service

Increased customer engagement and package delivery

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