Diesel Delivery

India has a unique challenge of the availability of uninterrupted power supply. This forces over 20 million residential & commercial complexes to operate on backup generators. For refueling, users carry jerry cans or barrels to procure diesel from fuel stations and transport it unsafely to sites where generators are installed. Additionally, they stock up and store diesel for future use to avoid the hassle of frequent purchase and transporting the fuel, which is unsafe.


Say NO to Manual Reconciliation

Our customers save a huge amount of time wasted earlier on manual reconciliation of refuelling of each vehicle. With our real-time dashboard, our customers can analyze the consumption behaviour of every vehicle using their mobile or desktop. Imagine if you are a company operating thousands of fleet vehicles across India!

Eliminate misuse of fleet cards

Why hand over the cash cards or fleet cards to drivers when you can pay directly to Fuel It for all your refuelling needs. Avoid misuse of cash/fleet cards at fuel stations by drivers.

Monitor fuel consumption

With Fuel It on-site refueling & interactive dashboard, customers can monitor their fuel consumption for each generator. If users require refueling in multiple locations, they can monitor their fuel consumption for each location as well. This way, customers can also budget for fuel for each location appropriately.

Eliminate fuel theft

With Fuel It’s on-site refueling, customers can eliminate any fuel theft which happens during the fuel purchase transport of fuel from fuel stations to generators site.

Eliminate fuel spill

With direct refueling of generators via nozzles, customers can avoid fuel spills at their site. Fuel It offers a zero-spill guarantee.

Reduce the need to store fuel onsite

The customer doesn't have to store fuel in cans or barrels for future use because you can schedule the delivery of fuel and Fuel It offers direct refueling into the generators.

Fuel for any generators

Whether customers need diesel for generators to run an apartment, business tech park, malls, bank, five-star hotel, mobile tower or a hospital, Fuel It delivers fuel for your generators anytime & anywhere.

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