Mini Fuel Stations (MFS)

Smart fuel storage, monitoring and dispensing solution designed with the market requirement and customer feedback.

Fuel it’s DoT’s are technologically enhanced and automated storage tanks, fitted with a digital dispensing system for a safe and hassle-free dispensing. This helps clients save costs by eliminating spillage and pilferage. It also reduces the capital expenditure of setting up large storage tanks.


Automatic re-ordering option

IOT enabled Automatic ReOrdering Option to Fill up the Storage, hassel free without manual intervention!

Monitor your fuel consumption and save more

Monitor your real-time diesel consumption on your sites through our dashboard and customized reports

Portable Fuel Supply Source

Portable and can be relocated easily on customer premises

Available in 500L, 1000L, and 2000L

Size Combinations to Suite your Requirements

24×7 on-site access

Fuel Available 24x7 on site

Fill it to ‘Fuel It’.

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